1. General
  1. This policy refers to a web Portal at: www.interlogis.eu
  2. The Portal operator and the personal data Controller is: Interlogis Poland Sp. z.o.o. Wiertnicza 34 02-952 Warszawa
  3. Operator’s contact e-mail address: m.szymczak@interlogis.eu
  4. The operator is the Controller of your personal data that was provided voluntarily in the Portal.
  5. The Portal uses personal data for the following purposes:
    • To handle queries asked in the form
    • To perform ordered services
    • To present offer or information
  6. The Portal performs the functions of obtaining information on users and their behaviour as follows:
    1. With data voluntarily input to the forms that will be uploaded to the Operator’s systems.
    2. By saving cookie files in end devices.
  1. Selected data protection methods applied by the Operator
  1. The personal data stored in the database is encrypted so that it can be read only the Operator holding the required key. Therefore, the data will b protected even if the database is stolen from the server.
  2. The Operator periodically changes its administrative passwords.
  3. In order to protect the data, the Operator regularly makes back-up copies thereof.
  4. A major element of data protection consists in regular updates of all software used by the Operator to process personal data which in particular means regular updates of programming components.
  1. Your rights and additional information on the use of data
  1. In certain situations, the Operator will be entitled to disclose your personal data to other recipients if this proves necessary to perform the contract with you or to carry out the duties required of the Controller. The above applies to such recipient groups:
    • authorised employees and cooperating parties who use the data to perform the tasks of the party
  2. Your personal data will be processed by the Controller for as long as it is necessary to perform the related actions specified in applicable regulations (e.g. accounting regulations). For marketing purposes, the data will not be processed for longer than 3 years.
  3. You are entitled to demand the following from the Controller:
    • access to your personal data,
    • have the date corrected,
    • have it removed,
    • restrict the processing thereof,
    • and have the data transferred.
  4. You are entitled to file an objection to the processing specified in item 3.3 c) to the processing of personal data in order to comply with legitimate interests of the Controller, including profiling; the right to object may not be exercised when valid legitimate interests exists as to the base of such processing, overriding interests, rights and freedoms, in particular to identify, pursue and defend claims.
  5. Complaints may be filed on the Controller’s activities with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.
  6. The disclosure of personal data is voluntary but necessary to handle the Service.
  7. No automatic decisions may not be taken with respect to you, including profiling to provide services under the concluded agreement and for the Controller to carry out direct marketing.
  8. Your personal data will not be transferred to third countries within the meaning of the regulations on personal data protection. This means that we do not transfer data outside the European Union.
  1. Information in forms
  1. The Portal collects information provided voluntarily by users, including personal data if disclosed.
  2. The Portal may save information in connection parameters (time, IP address).
  3. In certain instances, the Portal may save information to facilitate combination of data in the form with the e-mail address of the user completing the form. In such case, the user’s e-mail address will be embedded in the url address of the page containing the form.
  4. The data disclosed in the form shall be processed for purposes specified in the relevant form, e.g. to handle a maintenance report or a commercial contract, register a service, etc. Each time the context and details in the form clearly inform about its application.

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